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I prefer a sunny day to a rainy one and it seems that’s the general preference in my locality. In a mini survey conducted on a few friends, the  sunny day no matter how hot it is especially here in West Africa is often better than when it rains.
There are quite a number of reasons for preferring the sun but shall mention just a few.
◆ The rain tends to cripple activities planned for the day, whether fully or partially. On the other hand,the heat can be managed.
◆When it rains and you don’t have an umbrella, either you find shelter or get wet which isn’t usually pleasant.
◆Plus parties,weddings are always best on sunny days!! I mean no bride would like to get her wedding gown wet right?
  Now this is not to say rainy days are bad, like a quote says – “Sunny days wouldn’t be special if it wasn’t for rain!”
     I particularly like when it rains at night, it becomes really cool even the next day and on rainy days, we have time to do some indoor activities usually postponed or curl up and watch movies.
I believe both the sun and rain has their good sides, and both can be loved.
Sun vs Rain: Which do you prefer and why? Comments would be highly appreciated.