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What do you think of when you smell certain things? Tranquility, happiness or plain excitement.. well we all have favourites and i’m sharing a few of mine
1. I love the scent of my perfume, it’s cotton candy and I like that it smells girly and light; a reminder to never take myself too seriously.
2.The smell of freshly baked bread and cakes and any pastries in general.
3.That of an air conditioned room or car.
4.The smell of a new book,it makes me want to read it!
5. I love the aroma of good, delicious food…
6. Also the smell of newborn  babies. I would describe it as innocence of the cutest type.
7. One more smell, that of fruits and of course every good perfume.

Scents could be wonderful souvenirs of something or someone we hold dear.
Do you have any favourite smells? If so, what are they? 

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