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A few days after I turned 17 last week, I wrote a list on some  of the goals I want to attain before I officially become an adult.
So here goes in no particular order:

1. Watch at least one movie per week.
2. Read my Bible every single day.
3. Speak French fluently.
4. Sew some of my dresses myself.
5. Improve my programming skills
6. Have a more specific natural  hair care routine
7. Eat healthier
8. Get a job? Start earning money.
9. Make 2 new friends   
10. 15 blog posts in a month or 4 in a week
11. Read 4 books each month and write reviews on them.
12. Have an exercise routine.
13. Use my laptop for internet related activities ( I honestly hope I can attempt this ).

And so, another year has began with high hopes.