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We have been best friends for as long as I remember, Sheyi and I. I don’t even remember how we met, through our parents probably. Sheyi was on the short side of height,I was much taller. Living in the same neighborhood, attending  the same nursery and primary school, we saw ourselves everyday until the day it rained cats and dogs. I still remember our conversation:

Sheyi: Ngo I think it’s high time we part ways, give our friendship a little break.
Me: Eh??? *Confused face*
Sheyi: Ehn, you heard me right. Its time we found new friends abeg.
Me: But…We could still be friends and have other friends, what did I do?
Sheyi: Nothing oooo, I just want other friends and don’t embarrass me by trying to follow me about.

And as that “little break” turned into months and years, I realized she no longer wanted my friendship and got myself new ones.