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Sliced onion

“Ouch! ” I halved it. I threw it to the floor mouth agape, totally shocked.
“Why did you do that? Can’t you at least say sorry?”. Now I didn’t know what to do so I turned back to the table,continued chopping the remaining onions wondering what I’d do to the piece on the floor.
“I know it’s strange to hear me speak, just listen please”
Couldn’t still believe my ears. I thought i saw a smiling mouth but it didn’t have one. It seems during my thoughts it had begun.
“Helloooo… I said it was time you did me a favour ”
“Oh… what favour? ”
“Please don’t cook me.
I had many nice neighbors you know. We had a lot of fun and the worms were nice too. It lasted till the human returned. He pulled us out, cut us with that sharp shining thing in your hand and put us in different bags. I couldn’t even say goodbye to the others “.

I was still chopping the other halves. The onion was sniffling,I was sobbing.I didn’t have much of a choice, either it was cooked or it ended up in the bin. Even after that  explanation, it refused to understand, kept saying it wanted to be planted.
     What to do with an adamant onion??